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Hello! I am curating resources for my staff to start learning Canvas. In the instructor guides, there is not a specific item for "How do I add a page as a module item." There are similar guides for adding quiz, text header, etc -  I see there is How to add course content as module items but I would like to request one specifically for adding a page to a module.

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Hi @JenniferLeary ...

The Guide that you referenced, How do I add course content as module items? - Instructure Community, includes a section called "Add Item to Module".  Within that section, there is a bulleted list for Assignment, Quiz, File, Page, and Discussion.  Since the workflow is pretty much the same for adding any of those items to a module, I'm assuming that is why they combined everything into one guide.  I can understand why you might want to have a separate Guide for this...but if the process is basically the same (except for the choice you select), keeping a "how to" Guide for each content type might be extra work for the Documentation Team vs. making edits to one Guide that can cover everything.

The above is just my opinion...for what it is worth.  However, on that Guide, you can certainly make the suggestion for the Documentation Team to add an additional Guide or two.  (They may or may not see your comment here.)  On the Guide I've linked, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and then you'll find a "share your feedback" link below the two red buttons, "Ask a Question" and "View Related Guides".  Use "share your feedback" to fill out a short form which will be submitted to the Documentation Team for review.

I hope this will help a bit.  Take care...

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