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Canvas Mobile - Media Submissions Fail (Marked as Successful)

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Hi Canvas Community,

I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this same issue my instutition is. There are 2 scenarios, and they all got resolved either with time (without a known solution) or repeating sending the submission. However, it would be great to know what a potential issue is to avoid it for the future.

Scenario #1:

Device: iPhones mostly

Issue: Students were uploading an audio submission through the Canvas Student application (Online Assignment), after recording, they click to submit it and it errors out saying they are not authorized (see screenshot). I checked the teachers setting and all was fine. He even gave me a video of the incident and the only odd thing was this display. 

Theory: My only theory that I could not test is that because many students were doing it at one time and on campus WiFi, there could have been a glitch. However, it resolved itself in a few days without me doing anything. The teacher had them redo it another time and said it was all fine. Therefore, not sure of the cause.


Scenario #2:

Device: Both iPhone and Android (but on Chinese Huwawei supposedly)

Issue: Students were at home submitting audio recordings for their assignment on the Canvas Student application and even though the message said "Submitted Successfully", when they go into the "Submission & Rubric" there is no file showing. The teacher does not even get one in SpeedGrader. 

Solution: We had a student that was affected do it again in front of me and finally the audio showed up (others did the same). Therefore, I have no idea how this would happen with random students in the first place. I cannot test for WiFi/Signal issues since it was from their homes, nor can I pinpoint device issues since it was both iPhone and Android.

Anyone else have anything to contribute, that would help me in sending this to Canvas Support if it is an ongoing issue.

We know Canvas Mobile should not be used for assignment submissions ideally, but for these classes the teachers are teaching international students who are learning English language and having them utilize the devices they have for short, communicative assignments helps teachers make their assignments interactive for the students, and assistance is easy in class (not all international students automatically have computers or know how to record through it on Canvas without the teacher's aid). These assignments are not big, very short (30 seconds to 60), but it's unfortunate if Canvas is building a mobile application that can't even handle these small tasks when it is enabled.

Thank you!

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Canvas student 6.6.3 was released last week. I recommend submitting a Support Ticket so Canvas can take a closer look. (How do I log in to the Student app on my iOS device?)

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