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Canvas New Quizzes points score

Is it possible for the points score of a Canvas New Quiz to automatically sync or update to the assignment building page? Currently, it defaults to zero, and I have had several members of staff wonder why their quiz is worth 30 points but the gradebook records zero. It would be one less step to complete for time-pressed lecturers and teacher. #worksmarternot harder

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@elinor_wren -

I agree.  There was another question on the forum a few days ago dealing with this issue as well.  I don't remember the title of it, but in it I made the comment that it would be nice if a dialog box would come up stating that the two point values were different.  And then give you the option to make them the same - either use the question point totals for the quiz total or use the point total for the quiz distributed between the questions(in some manner), or at leave them different.  This is done with rubrics on assignments, so the thought process is already present in Canvas - I just don't know how that corresponds to doing the same thing with New Quizzes.