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Canvas Outcome CSV Import

Hello all, I'm trying to import outcomes into Canvas via the CSV import tool. I've constructed a CSV document with the outcomes in what I believe is the correct format, referencing Outcomes Import Format Documentation - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation .

This document is the best result I've gotten so far. outcomes (1) - Google Sheets 

It successfully imports all of the outcome groups and also ONLY outcomes 302-310 import successfully.

In the email digest, I get errors for the remaining outcomes like "Row 12: Outcome "101" not in visible context. I can't find any documentation referencing the "visible context" error or any significant differences between the successful rows (302-310) and unsuccessful. I have attempted to edit this in Google Sheets, Excel and also directly in Text Wrangler. 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jlinbu , greetings and welcome to the Canvas Community! Given the technical nature of this question I'm going to share it with the Canvas Developers‌ group in the Community. They are the ones to do this type of back-end API and integration type stuff with Canvas. You might also consider joining the group so you'll have access to their resources and information.

Hope this helps!


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 @jlinbu ‌, I am trying to import Outcomes at a sub-account using the CSV version (see Outcomes Import Format  Documentation) and also received the error "Row 3: Outcome "canvas_outcome:988" not in visible context:".  I'm talking with Canvas support but hope to keep in touch with you as well on this issue.

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I had exactly the same error message when I imported a csv of outcomes to my course for the new semester. All the outcome folders appeared correctly, but NO actual outcomes. I had imported the same outcomes content successfully to my sandbox course only last week!!! The error format for each was:

Row 4: Outcome "OUTCOME.NAME.HERE" not in visible context

I did find this article on possible errors, , but it doesn't explain what to do to fix this error (or what a "context" is)

We occasionally get the same error, for every single outcome in the csv, but when we look in the course, we can see that all of the outcomes made it in...

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For additional information - once an Outcome exists, you can not recreate it in a different sub-account.  So in my case, I was exporting from the current outcomes in Canvas and then due to a restructure in our academic departments at the university, I wanted to move the outcomes to a different sub-account along with the older courses.  Sad to say that this cannot occur - so the error message of "not in visible context" was really telling me, the outcome already exists.

The "not in visible context" basically was telling me, it will not be visible in the new sub-account. So while I couldn't achieve "moving the outcomes", I was able to get connected with the following great resources thanks to  @lstark ‌.

Canvas Outcomes Setup Checklist 

Considerations when setting up Outcomes