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Canvas Panopto Tool and Scheduled Recordings

I have scheduled my recordings in a panopto enabled classroom using the canvas scheduling tool; I would now like to use the panopto LTI to link directly to each of the scheduled recordings in the relevant canvas module. But, while I can see the scheduled recording in the panopto folder directly by clicking "show scheduled recordings," I cannot see them in the LTI tool interface, which shows "this folder is empty" for the course in question.

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Is this not the correct place to receive assistance on this product? Where should I go for help?

Hi, @dcodea , as this is a member-to-member forum, and given that Panopto is a third-party tool (not part of the Instructure family of products), you will receive a response if someone using the Panopto integration in Canvas has encountered the same issue that you've reported and replies to your post. Alternatively, Panopto provides links to their own support on their Partner Page:  Partner Listing: Panopto - Instructure Community