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Canvas Parent App - C4E and other questions

Is there support for the C4E Homeroom course for Canvas Parent App users? When logging in, the homeroom is listed as a regular course, and when opening homeroom it takes me to the grades screen and says No Assignments, which of course is true since the C4E Homeroom course does not support assignments/grade. It does provide Announcements and I don't see those in the app for the homeroom course or any other course in the child's list. In the homeroom course, I do not see any additional tabs to select, whereas the other "regular" courses shows 3 tabs at the top: Grades, Syllabus, and Summary. The guide, How do I view a course front page for a student in the Parent app on my Android device? indicates that the parent app should show 2 tabs, Grades and Front Page...where has front page gone? In C4E, the Syllabus space is designated to populate the Resources tab, so this is not especially meaningful for C4E users, and in web they never see anything labeled "Syllabus". 

I cannot find announcements anywhere within the Parent App, how do parents view course or homeroom announcements in the app? 


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