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In Canvas I often setup assignments that are assigned to select students, not the entire class/section.  However, when the assignment syncs to Powerschool PowerTeacher Pro (gradebook), the assignment is assigned in Powerschool to all the students in the class/section.

For example, assignment A in Canvas is assigned to only 7 of the 21 students in the course.  In Powerschool the assignment shows that it is assigned to all 21 students when it is synced.

Is it possible that assignments from Canvas that are assigned to select students can by assigned to only those students when the assignment and scores are synced to Powerschool?


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Hello frobro747,

This would be something that your Technology department would need to look at.  If I'm correct PowerSchool wrote a script for grade push-back to your PowerTeacher Pro (gradebook) that script would need to have the logic written into it to do what you are asking.

Stay safe.

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