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A question:  My students just finished a group project.  In the settings, I selected the choice that all students in the group get the same grade.  Now – after I have posted grades for most of the other teams, all of which populated automatically, of course, because of the settings – one student in a group was a “no show.”  So, I need to score the students in that group individually.  If I go back and change the assignment settings now, will all those scores and comments I’ve already posted on the old setting disappear?

   Thanks for thoughts,


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Howdy  @haati ‌ (Marian),

Thanks for your question. What you wrote is exactly how you do what you are seeking to do.

First you grade groups with everyone getting the same grade. After your finish grading all the groups, then you go back into the assignment settings and change it so for groups students get individual grades. Then you change the grade of that one student. All the other grades will remain as you initially entered them.

Hope that helps.

Sky V.

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