Canvas Quiz Result Used for Unlocking Page(s) or Module(s)?

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Say a student takes a Canvas quiz. 

Could their quiz score be used to automatically "unlock" (publish) a selected page (or pages) or module(s) that is/are "locked" (unpublished)?

For example, hypothetically, students must take a Canvas quiz on honor code policies before they can view the first page or module of a course; they need to score 100% on the Canvas quiz to view the first page or module. A student scores a 100%, and now can see a page or pages that were previously hidden, since the 100% triggered the page or pages to be unlocked.  is this hypothetical possible in Canvas?


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Hi @pizzaPineapple ,

You can do this with Canvas module requirements. You can set it up so that the score opens the next item in the module or so that it opens the next entire module.

How do I add requirements to a module?

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