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How would I use the Canvas RSS Feed with iTunes Connect for my Podcast?

The reason I ask is because I would like to host my Podcasts in Canvas.  The biggest concern is access to the files inside Canvas, semester after semester.  In the past I have hosted the RSS Feed in SoundCloud for free.

Do you all have any experience or advice to assist me?

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The only way I am familiar with in Canvas to host a Podcast would be using a discussion.  When you create a disucsion there is a little used checkbox to enable a podcast feed.  I've never used it before but I seem to recall this only really does anything if you attach media files to your posts.  So, you could try doing that and your discussion turns into your Podcast in the course and others should be able to subscribe to it.  Test it though; i've never actually done this but I think it's how it should work.



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