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Canvas Student App Data

I'm an instructional designer at a large university, and am putting together a training for faculty on the Canvas Student App.  I would like to include data regarding how many students utilize the app.  I feel like most faculty members design their courses with the desktop version of Canvas in mind, and would like to show them the disconnect.  Can anyone help me?  @jchitwood  Deactivated user wroper I feel like I took the training course from one of you.

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Hi  @michaelmiguel 

That kind of data can really only be found in either Canvas Data and the requests table, or Live Events and mostly the Asset Accessed and Navigation events. These are Big Data solutions and might be heavy lifting for an Instructional Designer, but if you're a large institution it's possible someone at your institution is already accessing this data. How you go about finding those people or department and making a data request is beyond me.

However, the data you're mostly looking for, which would be better represented in Live Events than Canvas Data (which has some mobile data collection issues) would be the user_agent string, which can be used to define which kind of device or browser was used to access Canvas. Breaking this down to course user access, you could determine how much of a course your users use with each kind of device and whether they use multiple browsers/devices.

Thanks Robert!

I was just looking for the data that was provided in a live training I participated in regarding the student app.  I remember seeing some statistics and was hoping I could access that data to put into my presentation.  Being that the institution I work for is new to Canvas, there won't be much institutional data yet.  

Community Team
Community Team

 @michaelmiguel ‌, you might be interested in the work  @rseilham ‌ has done on this for his school: 

That is exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you so much!

 @michaelmiguel ‌,

We have done run this survey since 2014 and I have more data if you need it. It hasn't changed much over the last 6 years though. Mobile was important then and it's still important now. (: