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Canvas Studio Editing rights

As a Canvas admin for my district, I create many content/resources for teachers to access. I really like using Studio, but I've recently encountered the following issue. I upload a video that I created to my Global studio and if I click on the more options "Move to..." to move this video to a specific course I want it to go to I lose the "Canvas Studio Editing rights". These "editing" rights consist of viewing/deleting/downloading/copying/sharing media. 

These editing rights are essential to me because I can no longer generate or view the video-generated public link. Even if I added additional editors to that video prior to "moving" it from my global to a specific canvas course, they don't have access to edit the video either. 

Is anyone familiar with this, is it a Canvas glitch?

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Hi @msantiesteban ...

This is interesting.  I learned something new about Studio about the "Move to..." option.  I did not know that option was available in my Studio library.  I suggest that you report this to Canvas it seems like this would be a potential bug if you are not able to edit the video after moving it.

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Please let us know what you find I would be interested in what Canvas Support has to say about this, too!