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Canvas Studio and Course imports?


My institution is considering the adoption of Canvas studio. However, there is a major concern we have that we cannot seem to get answered anywhere. 

When a course is "rolled over" or imported to a course shell for a new semester are Canvas studio quizzes imported as well or is the information stored at the global/account level rather than at the course level? Rolling courses over is a large part of our semester to semester work flow and losing work in Canvas Studio would essentially be a deal breaker for us with adopting it. 

Thank you for any inout on this particular topic. 


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For users to take the quiz, the media must be embedded in Canvas.

Note: Once a version of a quiz has been embedded or taken, it cannot be edited.

Heres the detailed Guide on that:

Thank you for the response! 

However, I was asking about whether or not a Canvas studio quiz is imported along with other course content e.g. pages, modules, assignments, discussions etc etc when a course import is done? 

So let's suppose I make 10 Canvas Studio Quizzes in my Fall semester shell and then come Spring 2021 I want to roll the content over from my Fall 2020 course shell. I know that the pages, modules, assignments, discussions, and quizzes roll over and import, but will the Canvas Studio Quizzes roll over as well?