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Canvas Studio stuck loading for students

Does anyone else have issues with Canvas Studio Quizzes?  I created a quiz from a 14 minute video that I uploaded.  I first attempted to have several (about 100) students complete the video at the same time.  Many of the students videos got stuck and just displayed the loading circle.  For my next round, I staggered the students, so only about 30 kids were working on the video quiz.  I still had the same issue.  I talked to our IT department and they reset the routers, which seemed to work for one group, but I still had the same issue yesterday when I only had about 12 kids working in the video quiz.  Any ideas?  Students are all using chromebooks and I had some students clear cache/cookies/restart and none of that helped.

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Hello @panjac 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! 

I am very sorry that you are seeing this issue with your Studio quizzes. Usually they are very reliable and easy to use! 

It sounds like there might be something going on with either the students chromebooks or possibly the browser. 

  • Does clearing cache on the students devices make any difference? Here is the Canvas guide for PC users. 
  • It could be a blocked permission in the browser. You can typically access the permissions on the browser by going to chrome://settings/content. 
  • it could be that the browser had blocked all third party cookies. Your school's admin should be able to look at device's administrative settings for that. 
  • The students might be restricted from doing this, but does the studio quiz load while using an incognito browser window?

Hopefully this helps! 



Clearing the cache and cookies did not help.

I haven't checked browser permissions, but all of the kids are able to access the video initially.  It is once it starts that it stops working.  From what I have watched (not all of them did the quiz in my room), it seems to happen after they answer a question or if they are moving around in the video.

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