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Canvas Studio

Thank you,  @Eddie_Small ‌ for this fantastic demo of Canvas Studio. I'd love to hear how other districts are utlizing and any feedback you can provide.  We have EdPuzzle users that would love to have this! Thanks!

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Priority Services K12

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Hi,  @rislis ‌! We actually don't use this at all, so I'm really excited to see what other people are doing with it. We've been battling to get people to buy in, so I'll take any tool we can get to entice. Smiley Happy

Community Champion

It's a reasonable price upgrade - epecially if it can negate the use of subscriptions to EdPuzzle or Screencastify.

I'll keep you posted!


Thanks for checking it out and would love to help out where I can for others that are interested! 

@Jen_Charles let me know how I can help if you are still looking for answers.