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Canvas Teacher App on iPad => comments rotated

I have several TA's who are using iPads to grade homework using Canvas Teacher app. Homework is handwritten (math and physics type worked out problems) and is submitted by students as a scanned PDF.  TA grades the homework and marks up submitted work with written comments using the stylus option.  We just started seeing a strange problem. As long as the annotated graded work is viewed on the iPad with the Canvas Teacher app, everything looks OK.  However, if the same graded student work is viewed in SpeedGrader on a desktop computer through a web browser, all of the comments are rotated 90 degrees and are completely illegible (no longer lining up with the PDF file).

I have attached to screen shots -- one from my iPad in Canvas Teacher showing the correct alignment of comments on the graded work, and the same student work viewed in SpeedGrader on my desktop showing the 90 degree rotated annotations.

Has anyone else experienced this? 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @dar119  -

I haven't seen this often, but I do know of another teacher who had this happen!

First, is your device and your app up to date? If so, have you, by chance, reported this through Help (How do I get help with the Teacher app on my iOS device?‌) Your institution can then escalate it to Canvas Support. While our similar ticket has been marked as "solved". If you get a ticket number / Case ID back, please share. I can link our issues together. Maybe they're related. I'm not sure if that's the case, but it's worth a shot.

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Yes, the iOS and  Canvas Teacher apps are all up to date with the most recent versions.  But, the problem is not on the iOS device -- everything looks just fine in Canvas Teacher on an iPad.  The problem is that if a students tries to look at their graded work on a desktop computer, the comments are all rotated 90 degrees from the original document and cannot be read.  So would this really be something to sent to the "help with Teacher app on my iOS device"?

I'd ask the students to submit, rather than the teacher. You're right! (‌) That's where we've seen the issue too.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @dar119 ...

I have been reviewing older questions here in the Canvas Community, and I stumbled upon your question.  I wanted to check in with you because I noticed there hasn't been any new activity in this thread since February 28, 2018.  Do you know if this issue with rotated comments is still occurring for you and your students?  Have you and your students been able to talk with anyone from the Instructure Help Desk staff to see if they can help resolve this issue or at least make not of it so that their engineers can further investigate?  Or, do you feel that  @KristinL  has helped to answer your question?  (If this is the case, please feel free to mark one of her replies as "Correct".)  I'm going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered" because we've not seen much new activity in this thread for quite some time, but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions and/or comments below that are related to this topic.  I hope that's alright with you.

Also, I am going to share your question with the here in the Canvas Community in hopes that your question might get some additional exposure (though I know the issue is more for SpeedGrader on the Desktop than it is with submitting via mobile).  If you are not following this group, please use the link that I have provided, and then click on the "Follow" button at the top right corner of the page.  Also, click on the "Actions" menu (also at the top right corner) and then click on "Join group".

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon, Daniel!

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We completely uninstalled and reinstalled the Canvas Teacher App on all of our iPads and made sure that all other updates had also been installed.  I don't know exactly what "fixed" the problem.  But my teaching assistants did not report this problem as continuing to occur during April and May.

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AARRRGGGHHH!!!!! this is starting to happen again.  Annotations appear perfectly formatted when viewed using Canvas Teacher App on an iPad but they are rotated 90 degrees from the underlying PDF file when viewed using Speed Grader or by the student from a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.  I cannot download the annotated file from the  iPad Canvas Teacher App so I cannot share the correctly oriented annotations with the student.  The only way a student can view the annotations correctly is to use an iPad with the Canvas app installed (which most of my students do not have).  

New Member

This is still an issue.  I used my iPad to make annotations on an assignment, and the annotations are rotated 90 degrees relative to the submission when viewed on a web browser. This makes them completely worthless and defeats the point of using a stylus like the Apple Pencil.

 @spraguem ‌, 

Which iPad and OS version are you on? Also, I know it's silly question, but are you using the latest version of the app? 

iPad 6 running iOS 12.4 (latest version).