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Canvas Teacher App on iPad => comments rotated

I have several TA's who are using iPads to grade homework using Canvas Teacher app. Homework is handwritten (math and physics type worked out problems) and is submitted by students as a scanned PDF.  TA grades the homework and marks up submitted work with written comments using the stylus option.  We just started seeing a strange problem. As long as the annotated graded work is viewed on the iPad with the Canvas Teacher app, everything looks OK.  However, if the same graded student work is viewed in SpeedGrader on a desktop computer through a web browser, all of the comments are rotated 90 degrees and are completely illegible (no longer lining up with the PDF file).

I have attached to screen shots -- one from my iPad in Canvas Teacher showing the correct alignment of comments on the graded work, and the same student work viewed in SpeedGrader on my desktop showing the 90 degree rotated annotations.

Has anyone else experienced this? 

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I am using Canvas Teacher 1.8.5.

Hi  @spraguem ‌, 

I tried to see if I could replicate it on my end so I can create a Canvas Support Ticket at my school, but can't. I would suggest you submit a support ticket to your local support or Canvas support directly (if you can through your school) with the assignment and exact example so it can be investigated by Canvas and the mobile team. 

This seems to occur when grading submissions that are photos taken on an iPhone. I have solved this for my class by requiring students to submit PDF files. Even iPhone photos converted to PDF seem to work fine. 

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I’m having problems grading with my Apple Pencil for annotation on a brand new iPad. Students take a pic of their handwritten assignments. I can’t rotate them and it’s hard to grade them sideways.  And the Apple Pencil doesn’t work I the web based speed grader. 

I had the same problem. The workaround I used was to require the students to convert their photos to PDF files before submitting them (and set the assignment to only accept PDF files).

Community Coach
Community Coach

Canvas Teacher 1.9 is now available if you want to try it out and see if it solves this issue. Please report back. Thanks. 

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I need to be able to rotate student photo submissions from Apple iPad. Sometimes they submit photos sideways or upside down and that makes it difficult to annotate.
Am I missing something? I love making annotations with my Pencil but it is hard with sideways or upside images.



There currently isn't a way for you to rotate or do edits to media files while using the Canvas Teacher app. I would suggest you consider creating a new idea conversation to allow the community to discuss this feature. It makes sense to me and I'm sure others will agree. 😁