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Canvas Teacher Mobile App - IOS - Cannot download files uploaded to assignments or questions

I have used the Canvas Teacher Mobile App for IOS on my iPad Pro to download files that students had uploaded to either assignments or quiz questions.  However, when I have recently tried to download these files the app says, “The specified resource does not exist”.  However, I can open the file on my desktop. 

I have reinstalled the app and it still does this.  2019 IPad Pro, padOS 13.6.1.  Picture of error below.  


Any ideas?  I have submitted a trouble ticket but haven’t heard anything. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I haven't heard of this issue. I do know that sometimes when the app gives funny errors that you should try a different wifi network, but that is a long shot. Your best path is to submit a support ticket (which you did). If you find out the issue, please report back! Thanks. 

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The issue appears to be related to the ipad model. I have an ipad Pro 9.7" from 2016 and I can download student-submitted pdf's just fine. My husband has a brand-new 2020 ipad Pro 2020 and he gets the very same error message "The specified resource does not exist"

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