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Canvas and Panopto issue

Any help would be appreciated.  I have created a Canvas shell for our Writing Center, and I have posted Panopto videos I have created to the site.  The course is set so that anyone in the campus community has access the page.  So far, there is no problem for students and colleagues to access the shell, but when they try to open a Panopto video, they are getting denied access.  Is there some setting I am missing?  Under Panopto share for each video, it says "Who can access this video  Inherited - Anyone at your org who has the link"

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@fitzgeraldv When you have a course that allows anyone to access it (even if it is just people at your institution), it is not really looking at who those users are.  This then is not passing a user to Panopto, so it is not seeing the users as "part of your org".  I think the easiest fix is to switch the folder the videos are in (or change each video) to "anyone with the link" so it removes Panopto needing to determine if the user is part of your org or not.  

You can test if this is truly the issue by having a student log directly into Panopto, should be something like and then try clicking on one of the videos in your course as now Panopto should be detecting who the user is since they are directly logged into Panopto.  If it works then the issue was Canvas passing the user name/credentials to Panopto.

Hope this help!