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Canvas app for iPad quirks

I am currently the lead integration person for Canvas in my school and I hit a snag yesterday during a presentation.  Teachers were to view a video and then answer 5 questions pertaining to the video.  I had the video and a link to the questions on a Page.  When they clicked the link to the questions, they were able to see the questions in the app, still in Canvas, but were unable to type directly in Canvas.  Teachers that were using Canvas through their web browser were able to click on the "Submit Assignment" button and then choose from some options.  I told them to use the "Text Entry" to make it easier as far as submitting.  But those in the Canvas app were not given that option.  I came up with a work-around of having them copy and paste the questions from the app into either Notes or Google Docs.  Can students not complete an assignment that they view in the app without having to open another app to type their answers?  I hope this question makes sense!

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brandont​,  according to this Canvas guide, they should be able to submit a text entry for an assignment on the iOS app: How do I submit Assignments in the Canvas app on my iOS device?

Perhaps it's because the questions were linked to a page?  Would you be able to share a screenshot or screencast of the issue?

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Community Coach

Hi brandont​...

I wanted to check in with you because we've not heard from you since you posted your question in early May.  Have you had a chance to look at the above posting from  @canvas_admin ?  Do you still have the questions (as stated in your original posting above)?  If you could please come back here to give an update and/or include any solution(s) you've found since early May, that would be great.  Thanks Brandon...