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Canvas for Educator benefits versus nots

So I have been using a custom instance of Moodle to teach my classes at an institution but considered using Canvas for Educators. I have used Canvas at another institution and really liked the ease of use but for this new institution since they use Jenzebar eLearn which I believe to get in the way of teaching I have opted to go a different route since I teach blended classes and are responsible for developing my own courses.  I assume that Canvas for Educator includes the things essential for educators to teach classes and benchmark the things needed for outcome assessment.  But I can't help but wonder what is it missing that I may get started using and realize at some point in a semester that maybe using Canvas for Educators was not such a good idea.  I see there are no blueprint courses so what happens if I teach the same courses and just want to easily template a developed course without rebuilding it every time?  Also, what am I losing with the new gradebook that is not on the list of things included with Canvas for Educators?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @williamsj3 

I have never used the FFT version of Canvas, although I did sign up once (ages ago) and have a classroom.

I used the Community global search tool to look up Free for Teachers, and got like a jazzillion hits. You may want to investigate some of those; but here is the really groovy news, there is a FFT focus group in this Community. Now how cool is that? Check it out at 


Community Coach
Community Coach

 @williamsj3 , in terms of the new gradebook many of us who have the option to switch to it haven't and are sticking with the old one. Yet, I think the biggest thing you gain with the new gradebook is the late work policy options (so automatic deduction of points if an assignment is late). Otherwise there are some nice design elements and other misc things here and there in the new gradebook. Otherwise, the old gradebook is 100% fully functioning and what my faculty and I have been using for six years!

Hope this helps!