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Canvas iOS App Issues

Our environment is using the Canvas iOS app in grades K-5.  Our teachers have created buttons to help direct their students to different pages/locations within their course.  Below is an example of what this looks like.  When our students press these buttons sometimes - not consistently and not necessarily the same button - the page(s) do not load for the students.  Whether the page should display assignments, text, images, etc... Nothing loads. 

If we delete the app and reinstall, this sometimes works.  Recently it has not with linking a button to a module.  When we have students press Modules in the navigation pane, the app crashes.  This has started with the app version 3.16. We should not have to delete and reinstall the app numerous times during the week in order for these pages to display.  We've encouraged use of Safari; however, for our younger kiddos, this is difficult because the annotation feature is not available with the web.  They have to share to Notability, and this is a lengthy process.  Smiley Sad

Is anyone else using the Canvas iOS app experiencing these issues?  Is this the nature of the iOS app and its functionality?

Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy  Thank you!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @amcmillan ​:

This sure seems like it would be frustrating. Just in case you didn't know there was a 3.16.1 update released yesterday, I suggest you try that. I'm not saying it will fix your issue, but worth a download. Also, I know your students are using iPads, but do you see the same behavior on an iPhone?

There are a few other factors that could be causing issues:

  1. Is this happening at and away from school. Sometimes, school networks can cause issues with the canvas mobile app.
  2. Do you modify the Canvas core? This would include custom JS and CSS.
  3. Which iPad and iOS version are being used?

If you share an export of the course with me I can look a little closer and do more testing. You can contact me through the inbox in the community.




3.16.1 fixed a crash when loading modules on somewhat older devices. I would definitely update the app!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Did the 3.16 update fix your issue? Thanks!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @amcmillan ‌! It's been a few months since we've heard from you! Did any of the recent updates to the iOS app resolve your concern? Either way, it would be awesome if you could update us! For now, I'm going to mark this discussion as "Assumed Answered" but that will not prevent you or anyone else from commenting.