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Canvas link validator

Has anyone noticed Link validator gives different results sometimes? Checking the links a second time, you could get a different list of broken links. Any insights? Thanks for any input! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @lla22 ...

Are you able to determine if the links that seem to be "new" vs. the last time you ran the link validator are coming from websites that live outside of your Canvas environment...such as a link to Google or a link to an article you found on the web?  Might the link validator be finding those links and not getting a "ping" back from them to determine if they are active or not?  Just an initial thought I had.

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Thanks, Chris! I think you're right since external links are dynamic references. Will need to check the links again before the course is published then. 

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I've created this short video to find the broken links and understand the link validator.