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Canvas studio editing *after* the fact

I am trying to repost this after 1) the tech support chat not working at all, 2) getting through to tech support, but them not being able to help, 3) tech support directing me to a thread to give feedback, and 4) the exact thread I was directed to by the chat support person being closed to responses. This is the first institution where I have worked that uses Canvas, and I must say, I am very unimpressed so far.

I am trying to find a way to edit a video recorded in the Studio ecosystem *after the fact.* I see that there is a tool that allows all kinds of superb editing features immediately upon stopping recording many of us always always have 30-90 minutes to devote to robust editing after already setting aside time to record content?

According to the chat person, they "didn't see a way to do this" when I asked how to get back to this tool at a later time. I'm not sure if that means this tech support person doesn't know the details of their own product, or if it means there definitely isn't a way to do it. The editing features within the ecosystem look great, they do everything I want them to, but I need a way to access them an hour, a day, a week after recording...does anyone know how to do this? It makes no sense that the editing suite exists but there is no way to use it down the line. I see workarounds people have come up with that you essentially need to trick Studio into thinking it is a new recording, but this seems ridiculous to download the video that is living in Canvas, then reupload it into the exact same place. Especially for a long video, this is very time consuming.

Am I missing something?

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Hello @LCEmi 

I am very sorry about your bad experience within Canvas and Canvas studio. I'd be more than happy to help out where I can. 

Just for clarification, what sort of edits are you trying to make to videos you have created? 

Canvas studio has a few limitations as far as editing videos. It does not possess any real editing tools that would allow you to edit things such as clips and splicing media. If you need to splice and edit clips you had created, you would have to do that outside of studio using a video editing tool of your choosing. With Canvas studio, you can only really edit details and tags, as THIS guide explains. 

Once you have the media edited and such, you can upload that video file to studio.  

HERE are the canvas studio guides. 

I apologize for the inconvenience on this. 

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion. 


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Hey there! The solution I found is less solution, more workaround.

Assuming you are on the same computer used to record the videos originally:

  1. Start a new screen recording.
  2. Record for a couple of seconds. 
  3. End the recording.
  4. Select "Done" so you enter into the editing software.
  5. Just above the word "Preview" in the upper-left, look for "Back to recordings."
  6. Select that, and you will have access to all the recordings done on that computer and uploaded.

If it is not the same computer you recorded your video on, you will have to download it from Studio, go through steps 1-5 above, but then look for "Import" near the upper-right, allowing you to use this editing software if you choose.

(I saw a similar post on this forum at some point, if someone wants to link to it that would be great!)

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