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I am getting excited to start my course next week and have been doing some proactive work in reading through the materials when I noticed there are two canvas platfroms? See screen shots attached.

The first Canvas #1 says I'm In Canvas and I can see all of my modules and such pertaining to my course.

However, when I click into my course modules, this different looking Canvas (Canvas #2) pops up with a RED corner (not blue).

Can I get insights into the differences between the two? Do I need access to the RED canvas also?


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Hi @KatelynLokrantz and welcome to the Canvas Community!

Congrats on getting an early start in getting acquainted with your learning platform and seeing what's what!

To answer your question about 2 (or more) Canvas platforms, yes there are multiple canvas sites out there. Every institution that uses Canvas as the learning platform will have a unique website address and is effectively a different Canvas where you would need to have an account to access certain courses. There's even Canvas Free-for-Teachers.

If you got to the red canvas from your blue canvas course, it's likely that the folks who made the course (instructor, admin, designer) copied or grabbed a version of the course from someplace else without updating the links. Or maybe it's intentional that you get to red canvas because the resource is open for anyone to see.

To be sure it is intentional, ask your instructor:

  1. When you're on the page for red canvas take a look at the website address and see that it's different. Copy that address.
  2. Return back to your blue canvas and use the help menu in Global navigation (far left side) , choose Ask Your Instructor a Question, and then tell them what happened with red canvas and give them the website.

Here's to your great success and I hope this answer helps,
Cheers - Shar

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