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Catalog API Create Course with Listing Image


I am trying to create Catalog entry though the API call. Course created successfully but there is no Listing image. (URL is definitely valid and accessible) Any ideas or suggestions why?  

Here is my JSON:

"title": "My test course- Gmail3",
"description": "My test course- Gmail3 long description here",
"listing_path": "2020-21-gmail3",
"teaser": "It's gonna be great!",
"listing_image": "",

"account_id": 9486,
"catalog": {
"id": 9486
"canvas_course": {
"id": 1566
"visibility": "listed",
"enrollment_open": true


Documentation says this:

course[listing_image]  -  URL or file upload for the image to be shown with this listing.  -  String

Thank you!

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