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Catalog Listing: Self-Paced vs. Date vs. Limited Time

We are using Canvas Catalog to list all our training courses for registration. The actual in-person course with start and end date. However, when we post without "Days To Complete", it shows "Self-Paced" on the actual Catalog list and it confuses people to think it is an online training rather than a in-person training. We tried to put date into the section (even it is only one) as well, but it still shows "Self-Paced"

However, some of the classes do show the actual date even they have the same settings as the one say "Self-Paced".

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Hello  @sam_ma ‌.  There is probably some custom JavaScript that can be used to remove that but I am not sure what it is.   I can tell you that "self-paced" ones get a date instead when you enroll in it.  It then shows the date that "started" it.  So, if they  still show self-paced it is because the user has not enrolled in them.  

We put in the short description details like Face-to-Face to avoid confusion.

Hope this helps!


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Community Advocate

You need to use section dates and start and end dates to list listings correctly.