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Central site for all Canvas facilities

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I may be the only one, but I'm going to forget all these different locations:

Is there somewhere with all the links, sites, microsites, etc. laid out and explained...?

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Careful  @scottdennis ​, don't leave hints or a trail, she's a smart one!

Actually  @drimmer ​, all joking aside and some of us are real jokers in here, I just checked my book marks for Canvas and in my main Canvas folder I have 10 subfolders, and many of them also include subfolders. Mine is more complicated than some because I have a folder just for other schools where I am able to participate in Canvas through a State consortium trust agreement, and I include a folder just for Canvas integrations, and a few more things others might not need - My Canvas Community folder alone includes four subfolders.

I also tend to give my book marks logical names to help me find what I need.

But, as you may have already guessed, I am a bit of an organization freak:smileylaugh:


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I'm so glad  @drimmer ​ posted this. That has been my enduring Canvas frustration. I just seemed to always be stumbling upon different Canvas resources and my super-organized self rebelled that I couldn't find the "table of contents" to all things Canvas.

One a more serious note; yes it is a daunting task to categorize all the good resources out there, designed to help Canvas users, sometimes by Instructure and quite often by the user community.  When we organized this new platform about 16 months ago, our goal for the resources area of the community was to do just that.  Lately I've been thinking that we need to make updating or reorganizing that area one of our priorities.  I'd love for there to be a crowd sourcing aspect to that if anyone is willing to turn a critical eye.

I'm trying to use the examples here to organize a Canvas bookmarks folder. I notice that a couple of them require a Canvas login. Are these tied in any way to our existing Canvas login (such as the one used to access this environment), or are these unique logins and we should use the free Canvas account button located on the login page?

Hi Cynthia,

The answer to whether you can use your institutions Canvas login to access resources depends on where those resources are located.  Anything here in the community that you have access to, will be accessible via authentication from your institution's instance, meaning that when you log into Canvas where you teach and learn, you have full access to the community.  There are also other instances of Canvas that require a separate username and password to access.  There is Free for Teacher ( which is a separate instance from for example.  In fact there are 1000s of instances of Canvas as every client institution has there own and larger universities and institutions may have multiple instances in use by various colleges and subsidiaries.  This is part of the reason it is difficult to categorize all the resources and opportunities out there in one central directory or resource.

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I wish there were a way that I could just bookmark individual replies.  Smiley Wink  I'll suffice for bookmarking this whole page.  Thanks Dr. Rimmer!

Thanks Scott... this is nice to have!   ;>)

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Monosnap 2016-08-15 09-12-04.pngYou sort of can bookmark replies doing what kona/stefanie have suggested. But first, click the date/time of the individual reply that you wish to bookmark. It will give you a permalink to the specific reply. Once there, click and hold the icon to the left of the https://... and drag it into your bookmark bar, just below, or into an appropriate folder in the bookmark bar!

Hope that helps!