Certain students can no longer access course and teachers cannot re-add them to the course

Community Novice

Hi everyone,

the issue our teachers are having is that while a student had previously had access and were added to the course, they suddenly did not have access to it anymore. Upon looking at the list, the teacher did not notice the student in the class list anymore, so therefore they tried to re-add the student from to the course. Upon adding the email to the "Add People" page, the confirmation prompt shows another's student's email that is currently added to the course. After confirming the prompt, the student's email is not added successfully to the course and still cannot be found in the list. 

Therefore several students have lost access to their account and the course materials, but the system seems to think their email is another student's email in the list and therefore they cannot be added. This has occurred twice to at least twice to two different people in the course so far.

Are there any recommendations to fix this issue? I had previously send in a ticket and did not get a reply for many weeks. 

Thanks in advance!