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Could I change my major? Now I am student of business management but I want to study family and marriage. Next semester could I change that? 

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Greetings Ariuntungalag,

I'm not sure if you realized it or not, but you posted your question to the global Community of all Canvas users. As such, we don't have access or information about class or school specific information/policies. For this type of question you'd want to contact your schools registrar or student advisor to find out the steps required for changing your major at your particular institution. 

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Hi  @nya19006  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Unfortunately, you have asked your question in a global community of Canvas users who are only familiar with the systems and processes at their own schools, and cannot help you. And majors, minors and other enrollment activities are not a function of Canvas. For this you would likely need to contact your school's Registrar.

A bit of snooping on their website hints that your best bet might be to contact Advising at BYU - Idaho.

Good Luck,


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