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Change password as student

Is there a way to turn on the function so that students can change their own passwords through their own settings?

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Hi  @kialm ‌,

If your school hasn't disabled it, students should be able to change their passwords in their settings. You can check out this guide that shows how to do it:

How do I change my login password as a student?

Hope this helps!

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Hi Lucas,

Thank you for your reply, I am trying to find out how to actually turn that function on, I can't seem to find it anywhere within the settings (I am an administrator for my schools instance of Canvas).

Do you have any suggestions of where I go to turn this on?



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I am not sure how you can enable this option, I am not an administrator myself. Do you use an authentication provider to authenticate your users? If you do, Canvas might disable password change by default. I believe the folks over at the Canvas Admins‌ group might be able to help you better.

 @kialm ...

 @lmoreira  is on track here.  If you have set up your school's Canvas environment to use your school's login credentials to authenticate into Canvas, then your school would have a different area for all users to change passwords vs. what Canvas offers.  For example, at our school we have single sign-on (SSO).  We log in to our school's intranet website, and from there we have a Canvas icon that logs us directly into Canvas.  This way, we don't have to have one login for our intranet and one for Canvas.  It's all using the same login via CAS (Central Authentication Service).