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Choice activity (Moodle) Equivalent in Canvas

Our university previously used Moodle, and (via the Choice activity type) was able to set up an activity in which each student was required to choose something from the activity, but each choice could only be selected by one student (thus ensuring that each student was doing something different).  I cannot figure out how to do this in Canvas; is it possible?

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This has been marked "assumed answered," but I don't think it has been answered, at least not for me. Please reopen it.

 @kstack ​, the question remains open for participation. Canvas does not currently have a built-in feature that is precisely analogous to "Choice," and the suggestions were either to use a Google Doc as a signup sheet, which, as  @kona ​ points out, also allows the teacher to track the contributors; or to use Scheduler. It is possible to use Scheduler to create slots over multiple days by creating multiple dates within the appointment group, as described in How do I create an appointment group in the Scheduler? . This would allow students to choose not only from different times on a specific day, but from different dates. If you only wanted one presentation per day, you would then for each date a single time range that is equal to the length of the time slot you specify in the time slot box ("Divide into equal slots of -- minutes").

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Hi, Stefanie.

Thanks for answering so quickly! It's possible that your Scheduler solution would work (although I'm not sure whether or not I could prevent students from changing their slots or whether I would be able to pull out a list of just the slots related to a specific presentation), but in the meantime I've found a third-party solution that seems very nice, and I recommend it to everyone: VolunteerSignup - Online volunteer signup sheets - About Us . This is a free service without ads, and so far it looks like it will work perfectly for my purposes.



Thanks for the tip,  @kstack ! I had a quick look at the website, and this part ("Who is it for?") gave me pause: is for non-commercial, volunteer-supported organizations and groups that provide social benefit: non profits, charities, grassroots organizations, sports clubs, neighbourhood groups, PTAs, etc.  Specifically, the website is for their volunteer coordinators. 

I don't think most Canvas users would fall into the category of volunteer-supported organizations, and as such, I would hesitate to recommend this solution broadly. By using it for an unintended purpose, many might be violating the organization's terms of service, albeit unwittingly.

I hope it works for you, though.

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Thanks for checking into this, Stefanie! I looked at the web site as well, and found this at VolunteerSignup - Online volunteer signup sheets - About Us

"To ground things, here are some examples of groups and organizations that have created 10 or more signup sheets over a one-year period (good work!).  Note the intriguing size range (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra vs. Mrs. Wildman's Grade Three Class)." The page also lists Rosa Parks Elementary School as a user they're proud of.

Nevertheless, I'll send the organization an email asking whether the software can be used for instructional purposes in classrooms, and if they reply, I'll let you know the outcome.

Thank you,  @kstack ​, for taking the time to do this--and if you can get a stamp of approval from the organization, that would be awesome!

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Here's the reply I got from, after I told them, "Your web site specifies the tool is for volunteer organizations, although I notice that some school classrooms seem to be using it as well. I intend to use the tool to support instruction, and not for educational administration purposes, so I hope my use will fit within your guidelines."

No problem using for the purpose you described.

Schools widely use our website.

All the best with your school program!

Kind regards,


This is awesome news,  @kstack ​, and I've made a note of this for future reference. Should we ever get asked this question again in the Community, I'll now be able to give people the link to VolunteerSignup--with credit to you for the idea, of course. Smiley Happy

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Hello, I hope someone sees this even though this feed is from 4 years ago. 

I would like to have this option for Canvas as well. None of the previous replies to this message resolve the issue. 

The Choice Activity in Moodle would allow students to sign up for topics, presentations or activities and would limit student responses. 

I used this tool to have students sign up for presentation topics. For example, the final presentation for one of my courses is on an Autonomous Community in Spain. I do not want anyone to duplicate a presentation, so I want the students to select which community they would like to present on, for their choice to be recorded, and for other students to no longer be able to access or choose that option. 

You can see a demo of the tool here and its options and functions. Choice activity - MoodleDocs 

Does anything like this exist in Canvas?

Google Docs / Forms just doesn't do the trick either as you cannot restrict how many people choose an option. 

The choice tool was an excellent way for students to sign-up for non-date-specific items. I do not want to use the scheduler for this activity, as there are no dates linked to the sign-up. 

I also used this tool to organize volunteers, so that only certain volunteers worked on specific tasks and no-one was duplicating work and could be sure that no-one else had completed the task yet. 

I hope someone has some answers or that in the last four years there has been a solution made.