Classes from last semester still on my main page

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All my classes from the previous semester (Fall 2019) are still on my main page.  In the past, they have gone away automatically when the new semester starts but not this time.  How do I make them go away so I just have my current courses there?  Thanks!

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Hello Kevin,

Classes are generally displayed on the Dashboard by default based on the "end date" that your school has set for the semester.  In many cases, they may set the "end date" to be well past when the semester actually ends, so that last semester's classes are easily accessible, or because there is extended grading, or many other reasons.

However, you can manually choose which courses show up on the Dashboard by going to Courses > All Courses and clicking the stars next to the courses you want to see in order to mark them as "favorites".

There are more details at 


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