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Classic Quiz feedback comments don't migrate to New Quiz format

When working with Classic Quiz questions that have been exported then imported as a New Quiz questions, I've found that the feedback comments (say, an explanation to accompany each multiple choice answer) have not been converted into feedback on the New Quiz question. General feedback for an essay question does import successfully, but the individual feedback for each answer option in a multiple choice question does not.

Is this a bug? I've checked the XML in the QTI zip, and the feedback is there, so how come it does not show up on the question after importing? If this is just a bug that is being worked on by Canvas/Instructure still, has anyone found a workaround that's not just copying and pasting every comment from Classic to New?

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Community Contributor

Thank you for asking this question. I just realized today that this is a problem. We have a lot of comments on our questions.

Community Member

I came across the the same issues. Would love know a work around.

Community Participant

Same problem here. If only the Canvas programmers used their own software, then this would never happen...

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Think this issue has been sorted. The comments seemed to transfer. Last checked Feb 2021.