Classic Quizzes, can students see the correct answer before moving to the next question?

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I used to use for quizzes before my district purchased Canvas. One of my favorite things to do was to give a "review quiz" as both a formative assessment to help me assess their learning, but also to teach students as they answered questions. I'd set the quiz to display one question at a time, and Quia would grade each question as they answered it. 

So let's say the student answered this question:

Q- What is a group on the periodic table?

      Answer choice 1 - a horizontal row

      Answer choice 2 - a vertical column

      Answer choice 3 - a zig zag shaped line that divides the metals from the metalloids


Choice 2 is the correct answer, but let's say the kid chose choice 1. They would receive immediate feedback that they got it wrong, see what the correct choice should have been, and if I entered comments for incorrect answers they'd see an explanation of where they went wrong. This way the student learned something and had a better chance at getting the next question correct. 


I can't seem to do this on Canvas. The student has to answer all the questions (although they can do so one question at a time) and sees a score and correct/incorrect answers at the end. I know my kids only look at their score and ignore any feedback/comments when done this way, and it's too late for that feedback to help them on the next question. Is there a way to give them immediate feedback in Canvas after each question?

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Hi @arary 

Canvas does not include this functionality, but you can certainly create a new Idea Conversation for this feature.

In fact, I think my quick search of the ideas Conversation area found exactly what you are looking for at Quizzes - Enable immediate answer feedback.............

Check it out, add your own comments and use-case scenarios, and rate the idea if appropriate.

Good luck,



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