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Classic Quizzes not showing all questions used in export - missing multiple answer

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered an issue using classic quizzes where not all questions are appearing in the analysis reports?

We spotted it recently where we have a quiz of 30 questions. Each question is pulled in from a separate question bank (each question bank holds 3 questions) so there are 90 questions that could be pulled in .

300 students took the quiz but only 69 questions appear on the csv export. Yet we know that students answered the other questions as they appear in the Student export.

It looks like MCQ question data appears but multiple answers don't.

Has anyone else seen this?

thanks, keep safe, keep well


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It seems related to my issue, where the csv export (student analysis) of MA questions are corrupted (though still exported). If you receive any hint, it'd be great to share ...