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When students create collaborations, do instructors automatically have access to monitor the document?

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Whoah, I was not aware of that.  I'll ping our integrations folks and see if they knew.

Community Participant

This would be a huge concern for us in Middle School. We are counting on Canvas helping us keep the kids organized. In Google we taught them to use shared folders – we are hoping Canvas can automate this for us.

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“We need to ask what kids are being given to do, and to what end, and within what broader model of learning, and as decided by whom.” – Alfie Kohn<>

 @scottdennis , when this happened  @James  had some of his students submit Help Tickets for us to escalate to Canvas support - Ticket #1505541, #1517074, #1517075. I just checked and the tickets got up to L2 support and are listed as "on hold" as of April 8, 2015.

Hope this helps!

Thank you  @James ​ and  @kona ​  I will see what I can find out.