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Comments Syncing to Skyward Gradebook

In my Skyward account, the comments on individual assignments are also syncing with the grade book in Skyward. The Canvas Guides specifically state that comments do not sync, so this was surprising when a teacher told me that their comments were syncing.


Teachers definitely do not want this option because it could be overwhelming on a report card or progress report. but it is also irrelevant, especially if the student has used the comment for feedback and corrected their mistake. Is anyone else experiencing this and have a solution?

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Community Team
Community Team

@BJones309  While this now-completed idea is directed at PowerSchool, OneRoster generally affords the opportunity to sync grades and comments to an SIS, and perhaps this has been enabled at your school for Skyward as well:  Sync Comments from Canvas to PowerSchool via SIS. Would you provide the link to the lesson(s) mentioning that comments don't sync? 

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@Stefanie Here is a screenshot, but the site has been updated to reflect differently now

Would you provide the URL of the location where you captured that screenshot?