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Commons: Which courses have a resource been imported into?

Hello! I have a resource in Commons that has been imported into around 40 courses. I updated the resource today and expected to see all 40 of those courses available when I went to "push" the update out, but only a handful of my courses appeared. 

Is there a way to see any of these:

  • Which courses a resource has been imported into
  • If a page in a course came from the Commons

I feel very strongly that I really did import this thing into a lot of courses at once, but only seeing a few of them has me wondering.

Thanks for any guidance!

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Hello @aspenwal 

I understand that you have a few questions about a commons resource.

I was not able to find any information on if you can view this information about a commons resource in the canvas guides for Commons, which leads me to think that there is not a way to check this..

However, it might be best to submit a ticket to support to see if there is a way to double check this. 

Be sure to include any course links and information about the resource and they would be happy to look into this for you.