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Company Training ideas - Introducing Canvas

Hi all Canvas Hero's! 

We have recently completed our implementation of Canvas here at Qube Learning. Now are getting ready to induct all colleagues to this amazing product.

We have started to work with pilot groups of students and teachers, continued to update our progress via email as well as engaging with our colleagues who chose to come to our presentation and Q&A at our recent company conference. 

Next up for us is a "Canvas Launch" training event, which to be held in a few months time. We want to get our colleagues excited and keen to use this product by having some interactivity throughout the day, whilst also including key information they need to know. 

Have you completed an all staff or similar training event at your organisation? If so can you share what made it a success.  

We are open to ideas at this stage and would love for you to share what you would want to know or do?

All colleagues should have access to Canvas a demo course and a Laptop or Tablet to access the system on the day.   

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. We are looking forward to hearing of your success stories and ideas that we consider. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

We haven't done this type of thing for Canvas, but any time you can make it more into a game it's a lot more fun. So possibly have a way for people to earn digital badges? 

Community Champion

I second Kona's suggestion, I personally think digital badges are awesome. When I took online courses to earn my MOT and COLA certifications, any time I earned a badge, it was a great feeling!

Community Participant

Great Idea, thanks Kona