Complete/Incomplete Module Grade Reporting and Certificate Granting

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We are creating a course with 5 modules, each module has a quiz which will be graded as percentage.  We would like to measure the course per module completion and quiz results. What would be the best settings for this?  We will be granting certificates for successful completion, what would be the best way to do this?

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Hi @AdrienneScott 

Let me make sure I understand what you are asking.

  • One Course,
  • 5 modules in course,
  • One quiz per module, and
  • And you want the automatically calculated grade to be based on a combination of successful module completion and quiz scores, rather based on a total score (or percentage) achieved for the entire course.

Is that correct?

If so, then I think I might know at least a couple ways this might be accomplished. That did not sound completely confident I know, but the problem is that the Canvas gradebook is meant to automatically calculate a cumulative grade composed of individual scores for graded work

Keep in mind that Modules are not, in themselves, gradable content in a Canvas course. The purpose of modules is to organize and display learning materials and graded activities.

Here is how I would do it..............

If this isn't workable for you, I can try another work-round!


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