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Completed/ graded assignments showing in to-do list

I am an instructor.

I have two separate issues with completed and graded assignments showing in the to-do list and showing as not crossed out in the student calendar. One type of assignment had no submission as it was completed in Microsoft Forms. The assignment has received a grade in Canvas. The other assignment had a submission and has been grade but is still showing in the to-do list and is not crossed out on the student calendar.

How can I help my students see that their work has been completed? It is frustrating for them thinking their work is not done.

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Hi @kravitzl I'm wondering if you need to put a closing date in the assignment. That might sort out the To Do issue.

As for the Microsoft Form, if it was completed via an assignment then it will appear in your gradebook. 

Sing out if you need a hand. 

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