Computer Dropping While Logged Into Canvas

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For over 40 school days, when we're at home, every time my son logs into Canvas and goes to Zoom or even the school portal to do apps like Jiji, he drops him at random times. We've even tried going to Zoom directly and entered the meeting ID, but that still drops him. On his chrome book it takes you back to the computer login page. On a desktop it completely shuts down the screen. 

When we log back in - lately we get "this site can't be reached - web address - might be temporarily down or it may have moved. 

It happens on multiple computers at my house. However it works ok at one of his friend's houses (who uses the same ISP). 

We dived into any network issues, but we can't seem to find the problem. Changed modems and routers a few times each and it hasn't fixed the problem. I've also opened up ports for his chromebook. Everything else at home works - i work from home and don't have issues, we have several smart TVs, Apple TVs and no issues with those (clearly not all on at the same time). 

Does anyone know of any specific settings we can look at in Canvas or even on the computer or network side. It clearly seems to be some setting between Canvas or his school account and our Internet, but not sure what. Maybe some sort of authentication - but where i'm not sure. 

I have been troubleshooting nearly every day since Jan 15th with the school's IT department. The Canvas department doesn't want to seem to help since it works at someone else's house. BUT I need it to work at my house. 

Any insight or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!