Contact Tracing Using Attendance in Canvas/ Numerous Sections

Community Novice

My university is gearing up for limited F2F courses for the fall semester. Long story short – the students enrolled in F2F courses this fall will only go to class once a week – 1/3 of them each day in a MWF course. Instructors want to use the seating chart in Canvas for contact tracing purposes.

Obviously we can create three sections in each course and add the students into their respective section for the Attendance seating chart, but the issue is that there will be a lot of classes and we can't do a csv file for all of them. We currently don't allow instructors to add sections on their own for fear of them deleting the main section that all students are enrolled in.

Any suggestions on how to nip this in the bud without too much work being put on the admins or the instructors? Thanks in advance!