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Content expanding the width of the page

Has anyone found that their content (and Dashboard) has expanded? Like another instructional designer, I believe a wrapper tag may be missing, and now all content expands 100% of the page, making all designs and content appear stretched. This issue began last night.

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We're seeing this as well. It's like the wrapper is extended but our divs are at a fixed width resulting in a lot of blank white space across our pages. 

I believe it is due to this change from yesterday's release notes:

Editor Window Size

All pages in Canvas are full width when the window is larger than 1450 px.

Explanation: When the New User Tutorial feature option is disabled for a course, the Rich Content Editor does not expand to the full width of the window after the window is larger than 1450 px. Canvas code has been updated to make all pages in Canvas full width when larger than 1450 px.