Continuing uglification of audio clip icons when using Rich Text Editor for quiz questions

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I'm including an audio file in a quiz question. I want it to look like this, with the rounded oblong shape: 


However, it's been getting harder and harder to make the audio icon appear like this. First, at some point, I started getting a blue rectangle instead of the oblong shape when I added audio, like the one below. So I started getting into the HTML, and replacing the file name in the oblong shape with the file name from the blue rectangle shape. It was tedious, but it worked. But now, that workaround doesn't work anymore. Now when I edit a question with the rounded oblong shape for the audio icon, it first of all turns it into a blue square regardless of what I do. And second, when I drop in the new file I want, it puts it in there as a naked hyperlinked file name, like the "pickles_pickers_009.wav" below. What's going on?