Copying A Quiz Withing Same Course to Modify

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I am trying to find the simplest way to copy a quiz so I can modify it for a small group of students. I've been searching through the help and have found how to copy/move questions (via the unfiled question banks); however, I want to know if I can actually copy one quiz (within the same course) and then modify and assign it? 

Surely there is a way to do this without typing it all over again? Any suggestions?

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Hi  @bludwig ‌ - A kind of hidden feature in Canvas is can do a course import like you always would--as though you were importing from another course site--only pick the course that you are in as your source.  So, follow these instructions:  How do I copy content from another Canvas course? , making absolutely, positively certain that you choose the option to Select specific content.  Also, be aware that Canvas will give you a warning symbol that will explain that the first time you do this, it will indeed simply make a copy, but the second time you do this it will overwrite the original.  But you're only going to be doing this once, so it should be safe.

Another dilemma will be determining which quiz was the original and which quiz is the copy.  The always-brilliant  @kona ‌ posted a way to determine that here:  Which quiz is the copy?  which, I might add, you will want to check before you make the copy since it involves checking the original quiz's URL.

I hope this helps, Laura!

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I have found it useful to keep a sandbox account for this.  I go to the sandbox course and import the quiz.  Then I rename it and import it back into the original course.  It can be a simple rename, like adding the word "COPY" at the end.

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