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When I copy a page from one course to another I would like all the Canvas embedded quizzes, assignments and discussions to copy along with the page. Every time I copy a page all of the Canvas items (quizzes, assignments and discussions) copy blue but the links no longer work. All external links still work. Is there a way to copy the page and it copies all the Canvas tools too? I do not want to crosslink the classes because one class is ahead of the other AND it takes forever to copy each assignment individually. 

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Hi @KBeerman 

The reason that your content links no longer work when you copy a page into another Canvas course, is that those links direct the user back to the original courses' assignments, quizzes, etc. and those are only available to enrollees in that original course. In order for that to work.

For example:

  • You copy a page from Module 8 in course A to Course B.
  • The Module 8 page contains links to the Module 8 quiz in Course A.
  • That link will take your Course B students back to Course A, but they are not enrolled there, so access is denied.

The only sure way to make that page copy work, is to copy the page AND any content that page links to; and even then, you might find that you will have to re-establish some of your links - not all the time, because it tends to work just fine 99% of the time.


I hope this helps,


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