Copying a Quiz: Massive Problem?

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Copying Quizzes:

UGH, I don't even know where to start . . .

So, I copied a quiz to the same class so that I could take an exam and it down to 2 quizzes.

I copied, then opened up the copy, and began editing it. Renamed it, rewrote it, then assigned it.

A week later, I went to work on the second quiz, so I again, recopied the original exam.


Suddenly, the edited version that I'd already assigned - and some students had completed - reverted back to its original state - same title, none of the editing present.

I opened up the SpeedGrader to see what showed up in the student's who'd completed it - I found the edited quiz on some, the original in others.

I spent A LOT of time building the edited quiz and am now in complete freak out mode - not to mention that students are going to be extremely confused as the assignment has changed DRAMATICALLY while they are in the middle of working on it.


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I saw something similar last week with a faculty at my school.  I believe that Canvas somehow keeps things linked on the backend when copies are made of items.  For things like files this is great because it reduces storage by avoiding duplicate copies of the same file. But for quizzes it's looking to be very problematic when copied in the same course because I don't think Canvas is identifying the copy as being completely independent of the original.  

Having said that I think the best course of action is to contact Canvas support about it so they can take a look.  Hopefully they can fix your issue and better yet, find the cause of this to prevent it from happening again.  I can guess that developers didn't envision people copying a quiz into the same course, but I also see why people would do it so it's a valid workflow in my mind.

You should be able to contact Canvas support by clicking the Help button on the left side of Canvas.  If you have Chat or Phone options listed that is the fastest, but if your school hasn't licensed 24 hour support use the Report a Problem link to initiate a ticket.


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