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Hello, I am new here!

I am an instructor (teacher). I´m designing a course and I am not sure of how many students I can have in one class, and how many classes I can have. Also I would like to know if I can interact this platform on hotmart. My students would buy the course through hotmart and they can access the link that will lead  them to canvas. Is there any kind of problems if I do that? How does that work? 

Many thanks in advance. 


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Hi Emmanuelle,

Welcome to the community!  Are you using the Free for Teacher version of Canvas?  If so, there is not a limit on how many courses you can create  or how many students you can invite to them although there are performance limits that will begin happening if you invite many many students.  I'm afraid I am not familiar with hotmart so I cannot help you there.  Is it a platform they log into to access your content?

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